TRB has been rating the performance of horses since the 1950's thanks to the expertise and experience of founder Rem Plante. As a keen and profitable punter, he was the first person to publicly introduce Class & Weight Ratings to Australian fans. Since then, TRB has continued to invest in the process of continually developing new rating intelligence to provide cutting edge assessments of horse performance and upcoming races.

Our flagship rating today is the WFA Performance Ratings, which are an industry leading assessment of horse performance quality. WFA Performance Ratings take a multidimensional view of assessing performance quality, using new techniques and a level of sophistication beyond compare. They help to identify the real merit in the performance of horses, especially lightly raced, talented horses, which is an area of weakness for traditional ratings that are typically one or two runs behind in reflecting true ability.

We can do this through a superior model of assessing race strength which takes into account a number of critical factors that truly define performance quality, best reflected in the diagram below.

Aside from wagering applications, WFA Performance Ratings are used to help our clients to:

  • Determine how competitive their horse could be in an upcoming race.
  • Choose the right target races for talented horses
  • Identifying potential top class horses early in their career. Especially colts who could go on to become commercial stallions.
  • Make decisions about purchasing tried race horses for sale.

It doesn't matter what class of race past runs were in, how old the horses were, what track they were at, what weights were carried, how far horse's were beaten or how fast or slow the race was... WFA Performance Ratings reflect all of that information. They save individuals hours in analysis time and allow you to assess horses more accurately and with confidence and consistency.

Our team of racing professionals puts the time and expertise into maintaining the intelligence so that you don't have to. You can rely on the quality of the data we provide and spend your time on value added factors.

WFA Performance Ratings are normalised as if each horse were carrying weight for age (WFA). It means that you can directly compare horses regardless of age, sex, distance or the time of year. This is essential if you want to understand the real difference in quality between talented gallopers and their potential to complete in different levels of races. It's especially important if you want to compare 3YO's to older horses, or determine the potential a particular 2YO or 3YO might have going forward in its career.

WFA Performance Ratings are available as a tool for race analysis and betting through the GTX Horse Racing Software. They are also available in a raw data format to use in your own racing software and as part of our custom analysis and racing advice service.

TRB also maintains a suite of additional ratings for every Tab meeting in Australia including speed ratings and neural algorithm ratings.

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